Franco Castelluccio

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It only takes one glance to see the soul of a poet in the work of Franco Castelluccio. Sculpting is a life-long passion that began when he was a child. Born April 12, 1955 in Newark, New Jersey, Franco Castelluccio says: "I began studying sculpture before I knew I was studying it. I visited sculptures and museums as a youngster not realizing it had incorporated itself into my conscience. Having family in Italy allowed me the opportunity to spend countless hours drawing from the masterworks of Firenze. Who better to learn from than Bernini and Michelangelo?"

For the most part self-taught, Castelluccio says of his early years as an artist: "The time I spent creating drawings from masterworks and also my years at the Art Students League of New York provided me with the foundation necessary to have freedom to create the human figure from within." Regarding his approach to sculpture: "To not be confined to what I can see in a model before me but rather to have command to create what I know... is the essence of a good sculptor".

Today his work is sought after by collectors from around the world.

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