Damon A. H. Denys

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"I've pursued an education in art history at the University of Utah and Utah State University, and have attended lecture courses at Cambridge University in England for the same purpose. I hold a degree in art history from the University of Utah.

"My technique is self-taught, deriving from personal study of the works of the old masters, principally those of Victorian England. My private course of study has been separate from my formal academic studies in art history, due to the unsatisfactory subjectivism and poor awareness of materials and media in University art programs.

"My main focus is craftsmanship that follows the sound practices of the pre-modernistic era, together with rational, objective subjects with understandable romantic themes. Because my style employs realistic technique and Romantic subjects, my art may be classified as Romantic Realism. Because my preferred subjects are Romantic, the human form has the highest importance in my work.

"It is the study of the human form that has led to my emphasis on portraiture. Although my works are mainly figurative, landscape and still-life elements play an important role in my compositions.

"My previous experience includes portraiture and original works, fantasy illustration and illustration of poetry, mural and faux painting for interior design, competition in museum and gallery shows, and web-page oriented graphic design. My historical emphasis is on the English classical painters and the Pre-Raphaelites."

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