Martin Eichinger

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"Martin Eichinger does not refer to himself as a figurative sculptor, despite his obvious understanding of human anatomy: 'I am a narrative artist. The language I use is form and anatomy, but what I try to sculpt is romantic, emotional, and perhaps mythic art.' His sculptures are evidence of a visionary artist who has something positive and eternal to say with his talent.

"After studying design and anatomy at Ferris State University, Martin Eichinger did post graduate work in sculpture at Michigan State University and pursued independent studies of classical sculpture in Europe. He is a professional member of the National Sculpture Society and has won numerous competitions and awards for his bronze sculptures. Most notably, he has received the C. Perceival Dietsch award for 'Best Sculpture in the Round,' a Kellogg Internship and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. In addition, Eichinger and his bronze Circus Series were guests of Prince Rainier of Monaco at Festival International du Cirque.

"Eichinger has produced several bodies of work in bronze that explore different life experiences. The works are grouped into five series: Duet, Dream, Exotic Women, Goddess, and Passage Series.

"In the Duet Series he examines the nature of loving, committed relationships. The Passage Series deals with transcendence, the ability and strength to move beyond difficult times. The stories depicted in each of these sculptures are more than simple narratives: they contain opinions and lead to conclusions. 'I want my sculptures to be mythological in that they speak to others who, like me, are formulating new values and are looking for a new sense of meaning in art and in life.'

"In Eichinger's mind, the sculptures he creates are alive. Each piece has a personality, a unique story, a hint of tragedy, a wink of humor, and a glimpse into his personal philosophy. Eichinger's sculptures are poised at the brink of possibility while maintaining their sense of grace."

Today, Eichinger's bronze sculptures can be found in over 700 private and corporate collections.

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