Bryan Larsen

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Artist’s Statement

“The contrast between the linear structure of architectural forms and the organic structure of the human form is an endlessly fascinating combination for me as an artist. I enjoy mixing these contemporary and classical elements together in my paintings, using traditional materials and techniques. I hope to evoke in my viewers a sense of potential and possibility, while satisfying the mind’s desire for detail and the eye’s desire for beauty.”


Bryan has been drawing and painting since childhood. As a young person he was also fascinated with math and science and always found creative ways to mix the two worlds. After acquiring a strong foundation in art while studying illustration and a greater appreciation for the sciences during mechanical engineering studies, he decided to take the plunge and return to his first love: fine art. Specifically, the kind of technically challenging and representational art that evokes in the viewer an appreciation for achievement, science, engineering, architecture, the beauty of the human figure and the unlimited potential for human creativity and imagination. Bryan also has a deep appreciation for craftsmanship. He is constantly working to further his understanding of painting construction based on classical and proven techniques, augmented by a modern, scientific understanding of painting materials. These days, Bryan can usually be found standing before a large easel in his studio in Salt Lake City, UT.

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