Nik Leykin

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Bio: Nikolai Leykin was born June 5, 1976 in Astrakhan, Russia in the family of an artist. In 1991 he entered the Astrakhan Art College, department "Designer and advertising artist," and graduated from the college in 1995 at the top of his class..

In 1996 he was accepted into The St. Petersburg Academy of Arts named after IE Repin, the Faculty of Oil Painting. Since 1998 he studied at the class of monumental painting under the leadership of professor AA. Mylnikov. Nikolai graduated in 2002 with his graduation work being "Meeting the Fated", a mosaic. The mosaic was mounted at the hotel "Friendship" in the city of Vyborg, Russia.

Since 2003, he has been a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Russian State Pedagogical University, in St Petersburg.

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