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Drawing and painting have been the artist's only passions since he was very young. Raised behind the "iron curtain" in Bucharest, Romania, Lorenzo didn't spend much time playing as child. While his parents' conservative views kept him away from the unpleasant political realities of the world around him, he found that studying the Old Masters was the most joyful way to escape from the contemporary upside-down world into which he was born.

In his early twenties, Lorenzo began his career in fine art by restoring the masterworks in Europe's old cathedrals. From assisting on scaffolding through all the elaborate phases of fresco technique, Lorenzo's own "agony and ecstasy" stands for posterity on many ceilings and domes of Romanian Orthodox cathedrals. He used the traditional old-Byzantine style as well as the more modern Western influences, being fascinated especially by the glorious accomplishments of the artists of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque.

Without following a traditional institutional path, Lorenzo continued to study the classics — from the Greeks to the Romans, from the Italians to the French and the Dutch. The freedom of visiting the world's most famous art museums was no longer a dream. The opulence of Versailles and the incredible treasures of the Louvre converged with Lorenzo's deep affection for the art of the "eternal city," Rome.

In 1986, Lorenzo moved from Rome to the United States. His elaborate background in painting and drawing has given him the strength to work his way up in artists' society. Working with art consultants, he successfully created numerous fine art commissions for corporate and private clients. From the collections of the National Museum of Catholic Art in the Rockefeller Center in New York, to corporate collections such as that of Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Lorenzo's work is increasingly appreciated worldwide.

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