Han Wu Shen

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Han Wu Shen began painting in June of 1970. In 1971, he was already having his works published and was participating in art exhibitions. He became a member of the Association of Artists of Hubei in 1979. In May of 1980, he entered the Electronic Education Center at Huazhong Normal University as an artistic designer. His focus at the time was the creation of illustrated story books. In addition to obtaining orders from many provincial publishing houses, from all over China, he also had his works published in national professional periodicals such as "Picture-Story Pictorial" and "China Picture-Story," which made him famous as a Chinese illustrator. In 1984, he participated in the Sixth National Fine Art Exhibition, which is the highest level of exhibition in China. Invited by Zhejiang People's Fine Art Publishing House the same year, his work "Chameleon" was included in the "World literary Masterpieces." The series won three national awards of the highest level: Special Golden Award of the First Chinese Excellent Fine Art Books (1980-1990), The First Class Award of the Fifth Chinese Books Award and The First Class Award of the Fourth National Picture-Story Books Series.

From 1984 to 1986, Shen was an editor for "Changjiang literature and Art", a literary periodical, and then editor at the Hubei Fine Art Publishing House. In June 1986, he entered Wuhan Art Academy, a professional creative organization, and became a professional artist. Having passed the national examinations, he entered Hubei Art Academy in 1987, majoring in oil painting and graduating in July of 1989. During this period, his creation "Fighting Against Japanese Army" was selected into "National High Level Art Institute's Works Collection." Shen's "Conquer Berlin" was exhibited in the Seventh National Fine Art Exhibition.

In 1990, he changed the orientation of his work to painting in oil, and since then, his works frequently have been exhibited in national fine art exhibitions such as the First Chinese Oil Paintings Annual Exhibition, '92 Contemporary Chinese Oil Paintings Exhibition, '93 Chinese Oil Paintings Annual Exhibition, the Third National Sports Art Exhibition, the Eighth National Fine Art Exhibition, the Second Chinese Oil Paintings Exhibition, the Fourth National Sports Art Exhibition, Contemporary Oil Paintings Exhibition of China on Hong Kong's Return, and others. Among those works, "Longing for the Soccer Field" won the Third Class Award of the Fourth National Sports Art Exhibition. "Colorful World" won the Excellent Works of the Eighth National Fine Art Exhibition and was selected for the an important exhibition in Japan as a work in the "Album of Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition."

In 1995, Shen became a member of the Association of Artists of China. He held three one-man shows in Hong Kong, in 1995, 1998 and 2000. The works were highly praised and have been acquired by collectors from Europe, America and Australia. In September 2000, "Paper Boat" was included in "Contemporary Chinese Art (1979-1999)," a large-scale artistic album, as one of the most creative and significant works since the Chinese Reform and Opening Policy was implemented. The album is edited by the Central Art Academy, a Chinese authoritative artistic institution, by the Association of Artists of China, Academy of Chinese Paintings, Chinese Art Academy among others. Han Wu Shen held the position of professional oil-painting artist at the Wuhan Art Academy before immigrating to the United States in 2003.

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