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Quent Cordair Fine Art opens second location in Jackson Wyoming.

Surrounded by the Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges and 75 miles from Yellowstone National Park. Quent Cordair Fine Art's new location boasts 3000 square feet of paintings and sculptures created by 30 award-winning artists. The new gallery is located at 164 East Deloney Avenue, #1862, Jackson, WY 83001. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 307-264-1964.

The Napa, CA, gallery at 1301 First Street, remains open for wine country visitors. For more information or to make a private appointment call 707-255-2242.

Both galleries are open 6 days a week and closed on Tuesdays.


Out of the Pandemic

Masterworks Created in the Wuhan Lockdown

April 1 — June 30 - 2nd Floor, Quent Cordair Fine Art, Jackson, WY

Han Wu Shen, a native of Wuhan, China, was caught in the city’s COVID-19 lockdown last January, when he and his wife were visiting family for the Chinese New Year. Unable to return to his home in the U.S. for eleven months, the artist persisted in his work despite the horrors and distractions around him. Shen’s unbroken dedication and focus through the worst of the pandemic is a testament to the artist’s determination, fortitude of spirit, and a recognition of the invaluableness of art, all the more acutely in such difficult times, not only to those of his native community, but to patrons and connoisseurs around the world.

The six original oils created by Han Wu Shen during the Wuhan lockdown are currently on exhibit at Quent Cordair Fine Art, in Jackson, Wyoming. The gallery holds that, especially in the face of rising bigotry, threats, and violence against Asians in general and Asian-Americans in particular, justice is served in championing artists and art that reveal and illuminate the commonalities and shared essence of each and every individual, no matter one’s race, place of birth, or the cultural or political context into which one is born. The gallery celebrates Shen’s masterful work as he continues to lift the curtains of difference and circumstance to reveal his subjects’ universally recognizable cares and concerns, joys and passions, hopes and longings.

About the Artist:

Han Wu Shen is a widely recognized, highly awarded member of the Association of Artists of Hubei and the Association of Artists of China. The subject of numerous one-man exhibits in Hong Hong, his work has been acquired by collectors from Europe, America, and Australia. The artist has been recognized by the Central Art Academy, the Academy of Chinese Painting, and the Chinese Art Academy, among others. Han Wu Shen held the position of Professional Oil-Painting Artist at the Wuhan Art Academy before immigrating to the United States in 2003.




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Visit Quent Cordair Fine Art and stay at the Archer Hotel across the street from the gallery with our special rates!

New Collection of Cordair Short Fiction, Poetry & Plays

Quent Cordair's new collection, MY KINGDOM, is scheduled for release in paperback in late June, at OCON, Dayton, Ohio. The volume will include some 40 poems, two dozen works of flash-fiction, two
previously unpublished short plays, and for the first time in print,
the short story The Match, as well as the short screenplays Mujahid and At Home with Heather James.

"My Kingdom," the poem for which the collection is entitled, can now be enjoyed on Quent's fiction blog - Click Here.

The Molly's Swing cover art, painted by Quent Cordair, can be purchased here.




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