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The Objectivist Summer Conference (OCON2019) in Cleveland, June 27, 2019

Quent Cordair Fine Art will be participating in and setting up a gallery in Cleveland this summer.

The conference has five full days of programming to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Romantic Manifesto. Throughout the week, there will be many arts-related talks and events. Among the art forms discussed will be literature, music, sculpture and painting. Quent Cordair Fine Art will stage a pop-up gallery and offer its own programming for attendee enjoyment.

Linda Cordair will be speaking: “An Artful Investment: Finding, Acquiring, Displaying, and Caring For Your Art Treasures."

This talk will provide a range of valuable information and insight for anyone interested in choosing and purchasing art, presently or in the future, as well as considerations for how the display and enjoyment of art can be optimized, and for how one’s investment in art should be cared for and adequately protected.
In addition, the speaker will be hosting “White Glove Art Experiences” by appointment at the gallery display at the conference.

The Objectivist Summer Conference (TOS-Con2019) in Park City, August 7-10, 2019.

An intense, challenging, and life-changing examination of the principles and practices on which freedom and flourishing depend.

Quent Cordair Fine Art will have a gallery at the conference. Attendees are invited to visit the gallery display that will feature an impressive selection of paintings and sculptures from

In addition, Linda Cordair will be speaking on the topic: Finding Joy and Inspiration in Visual Art:

"Art is fuel for the soul–a fundamental ingredient for a happy, productive, flourishing life. By the nature of the scenes and figures they depict, visual arts such as paintings and sculptures can ignite our imaginations, reveal possibilities, and inspire us to reach greater heights. Linda Cordair, co-owner of Quent Cordair Fine Art, specializes in helping people discover and acquire such life-affirming art. Join her for a discussion about finding artworks that will provide you and your loved ones with a perpetual source of spiritual fuel."

Quent Cordair will be selling and signing books including his new release: MY KINGDOM.
For more information call 707-255-2242.

New Collection of Cordair Short Fiction, Poetry & Plays

Quent Cordair's new collection, MY KINGDOM, is scheduled for release in paperback in late June, at OCON, Dayton, Ohio. The volume will include some 40 poems, two dozen works of flash-fiction, two
previously unpublished short plays, and for the first time in print,
the short story The Match, as well as the short screenplays Mujahid and At Home with Heather James.

"My Kingdom," the poem for which the collection is entitled, can now be enjoyed on Quent's fiction blog - Click Here.

The Molly's Swing cover art, painted by Quent Cordair, can be purchased here.




Solo Cello Concert

May 6, 2019 at 7pm - FREE
$10 gratuity for the musician appreciated.

1301 First Street, Downtown Napa

Caprices for solo cello written in the 1770s by a nobleman, Giuseppe Dall’Abaco and a selection of Bach Cello Suites.

Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson, cellist, has deep ties to the Napa area, where he settled in 1988 and began teaching middle-school students while delighting audiences in appearances with the Napa Valley Symphony and chamber music ensembles throughout the Napa Valley. Since retiring from public school instruction in 2010, he has devoted himself to performing the six solo cello suites by J.S. Bach, which he has recently recorded. Having studied the cello for more than 45 years, he wrote Tonic to Chromatic, a four-volume series illustrating the harmonic blueprint of string instruments tuned in fourths and fifths. McFarland-Johnson also authored The Perfect ABC Songbook, a collection of 26 one-minute songs for children, ages four through eight. Jeffrey lives in Napa with Cynthia, his wife of 34 years.

Please RSVP by going to our Facebook event page RSVP on Facebook
For more information call (707) 255-2242




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